Button Box Aprons - Tickle Your Fancy!
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Tickle Your Fancy!

We are so proud and excited to be part of New Mexico True!  100% made in New Mexico and always ready for fun, it is easy to be marvelous in a one of a kind apron like these. Check out the splendid  creations made of apron remnants like the note cards and pot holders-never a tempting scrap left behind! 

2019 SCHEDULE-Where I'll be
Sun. 1/20 Railyard Artisans Market Santa Fe
Sun. 2/17 Railyard Artisans Market Santa Fe
Sun. 3/10+3/17 Railyard Artisans Market Santa Fe
Or email me to find out more!

"Deirdre is an absolute gem and her aprons and other goods are top rate." Lucinda 

"I may have only taken seconds to find "exactly" what I wanted, but I wanted you to know that it was EXACTLY what I wanted. Thank you so much for creating this Frieda Apron just for me! I absolutely love it." R., Santa Fe 

Sandra said: “Both of the aprons are too gorgeous to live in a drawer. I am considering framing mine and hanging it on the wall. Or perhaps having special hooks installed to dangle them from for all to see."
Sr. Antonia said: "What a work of art which blended fabric, rick rack and buttons, with the images of Our Lady of Guadalupe - just stunning. "
"I LOVEEEEE your aprons. Each time I wear my apron, it renews my belief in following one's passion to living true happiness and sharing that joy in those who are so blessed to find their way to you. Happy Trails and thank you!!! Kim"
"Thank you for making such a cute apron! My son knows I enjoy wearing an apron and I was delighted with this gift." B
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